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Its great to see you here Lilian. Sorry you have been unwell and all your family of course. I hope everyone recovers soon.

Yes "only for a short time" being key to 1000 cals per day.

Well done Trish/patty ha ha i only just noticed that you are TRISH!, Well done on your bike kms. I mean miles. Bike can hurt your knees if the gearing is too tight so don't let be to hoard to cycle. And the longer you do it, make it easier. I do a lot of cycling at times and the times that give all of us sore knees is when we have to do a lot of hills before we are really fit enough. Hills, high gearing, unfitness, all means knees are weaker and more prone to injury so be careful. Don't over do it.

Anyway i've just made another delicious salad that you girls might want to try sometime.

First off i had a piece of toast with 1/4 avocado, a sprinkle of diced onion and a few crumbs of fetta and black pepper. I don't have any tomatoes but i'd normally put a half a tomato on that as well if i had it.

But my salad is my own version of tabouleh. AGain beucase i do not have tomatoes or parsley but yesterday i bought some burghal wheat with the idea of making tabouleh.

Today i made this happy experiment.
First you soak the burghal one hour in a little water as per the packet.
Then 1/4 cup of soaked burghal wheat = 1 serve so that's what i used.
1 red delicious apple diced
1 stick celery,
1 few bit of lettuce leaf diced
1 decent chunk of cucumber diced fine
1 little diced onion
juice of half a lime. (balsamic vinegar would do if limes or lemons are not available.)
and finally i added 1tsp of mixed sees but the walnut halves would be fine too.
oh and black pepper
no need to add any salt to this.

No need i'm sure to mention how high in fibre this is. And i really love the added sweetness that apple gives to a salad.
Not much protein in today's lunch, a little but not much. But lots of vitamins and minerals. All of which makes our minds and bodies function better. I do love eating healthy food i gotta admit it. But why must it be so hard when we are eating sugar. I think its just cause sugar tastes so amazing. Have you ever seen the effect it has on tribal people when they taste it for the first time. Is it any wonder that we are such addicts.
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