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Hi all,
I had "spring break" along with my parents visit last week. Minus a few hours I had to go into the office to get some things done that were due last week I took the week off and enjoyed my time with my parents. We hiked in the park and had a nice ride on BF's sailboat, walked the dogs around, and relaxed. I wasn't sure what to expect but if I didn't know it, wouldn't think my mom was having back problems. She lagged a little at the end of our 5 mile hike but insisted she felt fine, was just a little out of shape (of course we had offered to turn around earlier/told her to let us know when she was done). I also took my second exam of the semester yesterday which means I'm 2/3 done with my class. With a few busy weeks ahead my pants are really tight. I've been keeping up with my exercise which means it must be the food. Yup. Gotta watch my BLTs and cocktails.

Bill, is it time for spring cleaning? You're right. A mini to-do list sounds more manageable.

Dagmar, I hope you get over your cold quickly. Being sick is no fun.

Jen, keep us updated on your sister-in-law. Will you be able to visit her at the hospital? Good luck organizing the graduation too. You've got a lot on your plate.
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