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Thank you for all of the wonderful replies everyone!

Krampus- it's encouraging to hear that you can actually practice maintenance with IE! I can't imagine spending the rest of my life weighing and measuring every single bit of food I eat.

cindy- thank you for the perspective, I really appreciate it! You're fantastic =)

I guess my question for both of you is how do I make the transition? Weighing food, using cup measures, portioning out calories per meal are the only ways I know how to lose and maintain weight. To be honest I don't know how to only eat when I'm hungry and "honor fullness"

I usually feel some form of hunger all day long, over the past year I've gotten used to it. and the only time I feel truly full is if I do binge and mess up... I guess I don't know how to practice IE without going straight into an all I can eat fest. Without calorie allotment I kind of don't know how to gauge my eating.
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