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Kolai, I read your post earlier today and have really been thinking about it. I am your same height, 5'6" and am now 60. I was your weight at your age in college. I probably weight in the low 120s when I got there and put on the classic freshman 10. I was in a sorority and we were all dieting and I distinctly remember the one gal who was what I now know as bulimic. At that time we just thought she was determined...but I digress.

Anyway we would eat lightly and run at night. I remember I got down as low as 110 for like 2 minutes but we were all pretty thin. After college I went thru ups and downs at first not too often and I can't say I was obsessive but as the years went on by the time I was 40 it turned into an annual sort of routine to lose then regain the 10 pounds and in the past few years it would get to be more like 15. I continually have gone thru diet and relapse cycle for like 40 YEARS.

I embraced intuitive eating somewhere in the middle for awhile and I thought I had really found the answer. I had quit weighing myself and one day feeling absolutely terrific I stopped on the scale and weighed like 128 I think. I had been working out and using weights and remember feeling so good about myself but I compared that 128 to my idea weight which I felt should be 123 or something and just really got derailed. It seems so ridiculous now I hate to even out it in writing.

Anyway I finally got back on track and am simply determined not to let the pounds on the scale matter EVER again. I have been really using IE for the past few months and am fitting comfortably into a size 4 again. My guess is I weigh around 130-135 I don't even own a scale to check. People all tell me I look wonderful, the critic in me would like to be a few inches smaller in the hips and thighs but I am pushing that critic back and drowning her! Bottom line is yes you can be trim and intuitive at the same time in my experience.

But I really you to get off the diet train now and not spend all those wonderful years ahead of you fighting with yourself, you are young and your body will settle into a great weight for you it may not be 119 or 122 or whatever your magic number is but you will be happy and able to focus on other priorities which are so much more significant.

Eat healthfully, move reasonably to make yourself feel great, enjoy every calorie that goes in your mouth and I am sure you will feel and look wonderful.
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