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Originally Posted by AwShucks View Post
I second thrift shopping. Although, I don't tell coworkers that I do it. I guess I fear the stigma of being "found out" wearing secondhand clothes. It's never bothered me, but I'm leery of being judged. I'm terribly proud of some of my thrift shop "scores", though! I've often been complimented on my outfits and wonder what they would think if they knew I paid $6 each for the shirt and skirt or $10 for the dress!

It is hit and miss, but with a little patience and a lot of looking, you can find brand names (some brand new!) I often find Jones New York, Chico's, Talbots, Anne Klein, etc. Mostly, I shop at Goodwill. Here's a little hint. If you find something you like in your size, look closely at all the nearby racks. It means that someone with your taste and shape has brought in a load of clothes for donation, and if there's one item, there are bound to be more.

Congratulations on needing to purchase new clothes! And, happy hunting!
My exact tactics, as above. I'll brag to my friends about my finds but everyone else - info stays private. First browse & try on clothes in expensive shops - then you get an idea of how well made clothes look, feel, and hang. Then go into the thrift store, step back from a rack a foot or two, scan quickly over the clothes as they hang there. Pull out anything that catches your eye/makes you pause. I find they are usually well made European designs or other US Designer brands Jones NY, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. That way you cut the hunt through faded, stretched out, stained, crap and straight to the good stuff. I've found heavyweight British cashmere sweaters, European designer (Chanel blouse once) heavy jerseys & knits, Guess jeans, a full length Revillon black mink in a classic style ( I paid $800 for a coat that was worth $5-7000 second hand) and assorted other amazing clothes.
You can outfit yourself very well especially if you are near a large city with a population of well paid professional women. You might pay a bit more for these kinds of clothes, but compared to new... phfttt, nothing.

Go to Target etc for stuff that is cheap and easy to replace like brightly coloured T's to go under your jackets, camisoles, maybe jeans if the brands there fit you. You be lookin' hawt pretty quick!


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