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Today is again a beautiful sunny day...I think rain is coming soon. Our son helped dh last night to move the huge wood from the tree we took down. Dh had done all the "smaller" (none was really small), and expected to spend about three days on the huge pieces, but our son got them all done last night in a very short time. He is very strong. So that's one job off his list. Now needs to rent a chopper that can handle such big pieces. Ours will take care of the rest, in fact he has already chopped up quite a lot.

We got to the gym and had a fairly good workout. I say fairly because I didn't get to a couple machines. Spoke too fast about my weight remaining was up to 163 this morning. But so far I've done ok...LOL I've only had breakfast.

Luncinda - Oh life with husbands and esp teens! But I love your spirit! Even my grown children can make my head spin sometimes! I watched a video that got me singing and dancing around the house today to Dance Like David Danced! Once that song gets in my head it's there for at least the day!

bobbie - have you ever been to a website that didn't load properly and you refreshed or reloaded it in an attempt to get it to load right? You can do it by right clicking on your mouse and choosing reload. On a device like my iPad, it's done automatically and the page /site on your screen comes on then sorta flashes and comes on again. I don't know another way to describe it. Perhaps someone else can. Apparently the White Paper Kindle does it now and then but I don't know how often. Some people won't care, others will find it annoying. It would not necessarily be a deal breaker for me (I don't think...I'd have to try it out), afterall I still read on my iPad. On my iPad Kindle app it only does it when I start to read the first page. I don't like it but can tolerate it. But If it happened too often it would be annoying to me. Do you have Best Buy in your area? If so, go in and ask them to allow you to try a White Paper Kindle to see how it works and how often it refreshes. Some stores will do that. The refreshing is not a defect...I guess it is just the way it works. Some people don't mind, others might. Thanks for the granola recipe. ETA: BTW, Bobbie, you can buy the White Paper and other Kindles for the same price in Best Buy.

Karen31- Continuing to pray for you and Tim.

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