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Hey ladies! I am back on the wagon for a week now! I saw about a pound loss, woohoo! I am a married mom to DS 6 and DD2 (3 in June) and am ready to get rid of that last 10 pounds to get back to lifetime. I would like to continue, and get more toward the middle of my weight range instead of the tip-top line. I have plateau'd ad 160-162 every stinking time!
I tend to WI on Friday's. I blew through 23 weekly points yesterday, I'm not sure whether it's better to rack my nerves with no points going into the weekend or going into the week, heh, but Fridays were good in the past as it is easier to stay on plan during the week.

Pupmom, I did CC for a while too... my brain wraps around WW and the real-life flexibility for some reason. I've done both successfully (lost 10# on CC in early 2010) but right now I think WW is working so far.

I have a hard time with consistency, and not trying to jump to a new plan in a few weeks!
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