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I got my lab work done this morning, so now I will wait for the call from the doctor. I hope he will agree to let me take Amaryl again instead of trying something new. The hospital put me on it in the beginning but he took me off it when my bs was running good with Metformin. I would rather try a generic med like that before I go to something more expensive. I will have to check my bs more often for lows, but I think if I can get the bs to come down, then I can work on keeping it down and getting back off the meds.

Rennie- I think you said you were once on insulin but not now. I thought once you were on insulin you had to be on it for life. I don't trust myself to be on it. I would be afraid to go to sleep for fear I would have a low and not wake up. My son's FIL had a bad low in the middle of the night. Luckily, his wife woke up and realized what was happening and called the ambulance. That scares me so much, but apparently not enough to get me to do what I'm supposed to do.

I hate Diabetes.
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