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I wrote a post yesterday and messed up on it some how. I hit some key IDK what I did, but stopped and never got back to it.

Ruthie Always good to see you when you check in. Miss you and Fatmad when y'all don't check in as this thread was headed up by the 2 of you for so long. Y'all are extremely busy ladies which i also good, so hope you two will always pop in when you can. You are very much missed.

Carol Sue Thanks for the info and website. I get a newsletter from them from time to time, but not much on dieting. DH has looked things up on it and everything seems to be info on joints/arthritis that we get. It mentioned some foods like Greek yogurt that I don't like, but some on the fiber thread add their Polaner preserves to theirs for fiber and I thought of trying it some time. I do love grapefruit and found info on that interesting. I have another website I've been checking out and thought of ordering their magazine called They do have a lot of good information on healthy eating. They claim not to get any funds from federal government etc for their research. I found it quite interesting some of the foods they warn us about, but they also give alternatives to use instead. Example, I've noticed that some foods that advertise even on the boxes that they have more fiber etc, but when you read the label many times they have less than 1 fiber per serving. Nutrition Action will tell you which food does this and then tell you of a food that is a good alternative with less calories, fat (the kind of fat), amounts of protein and how much more fiber. Very helpful. You might want to check it out.

I used to take Prevention. In fact, at one time, they had a diet called the No Willpower Weight Loss Diet. I've never seen it again. I tried it and it really worked. You didn't have to count calories or anything. You started your meal with soup. They said the fat in the soup was good for you and the soup helped fill you and prepare you for other food. You followed that with your main course (protein) and then ate veggies and here's the weird part was that you ate a salad after the meal and finished your whole meal with a slice of whole wheat bread. As I write this, I now see all the fiber I was eating in one meal and the weight was just melting off. I quit taking Prevention magazine because I was into "Health Food Store" guidance/ideas at the time and they stopped trusting Prevention when a bunch of doctors bought it out. They didn't trust the doctors to follow Preventions original protocol. However, the book I told y'all about that tells us to eat fiber to control diabetes is from Prevention magazine. They do know there stuff.

Rennie Don't give up and be patient with yourself. You don't have a whole lot to lose and sometimes those are the most stubborn. It will come down, your body is just adjusting itself and if you have yo-yo dieted like I have, I think your body has to know that although you are still dieting that now you are NOT going to starve it. It has to realize that it really is going to get fed. Our bodies or so difficult to understand sometime. Congratulations on the fbs being 115. I would say that is a good sign that you are doing something right.

Well, I changed my ticker. I've now lost a total of 12 lbs this year with a new low of 226.8. I still use MFP because it seems to have a better list of foods on it. However, I did go over to Livestrong when reading an article from there and put in my info and it showed that if I would eat between 1400 to 1500 calories a day that I could (?) lose up to 2 lbs a week. I didn't change the 1670 calories allowed on MFP, but I'm going to shoot for 2 lbs a week. I was going to switch to stricter low carb, but as Hubby #2 would say, "if it works, don't fix it". I can always go less in the future is I need to, but right now I'm keeping my fiber between 25 and 40 and calories within the 1670 calories. FBS has been in 140's this past week. My activity has been good. My goal has been 27 minutes (3 miles) 3 times a week on stationary bike plus about 35 minutes of other activities. I did 2 days at 27 min (3 miles) and 2 days of 37 min 4 miles on the bike. Saturday, I not only did the 4 miles on the bike but walked about an hour shopping as well as my 35 minutes of other things. So overall, I was pleased with my week as well as rewarded for my efforts. Rennie I haven't been able to get down this low in weight in well over a year. I spent most of that time bouncing between 231 and 238. I think my body finally knows it can trust me to feed it when it signals me that it is hungry.

Carol Sue I am back to trying to learn to ONLY eat and give my body fuel when it signals it is hungry (IE) and eat what it wants and stop when satisfied. One of the rules from the article you shared sounded a lot like IE.

Have a great day everybody.

Today my goal is to "DO THE BEST I CAN TO BE THE BEST I CAN BE!!!
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