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Originally Posted by Pattience View Post
If we knew what you ate in a typical day for the last three days minus the binge, we might be able to offer you some clarifying info.

In the meantime we are just guessing what might be going on?

a) you are restricting calories too much and getting hungry
b) your mood and therefore seratonin levels are low
c) your foods are not well balanced and therefore not satisfying. YOu want to have a balance of something like 55g carbs, 20 % fats (preferably mostly vegetable fats or fish fats) and 25% protein. You can adjust all these about 5-10% either way.
d)the foods you are eating lack nutrition and are highly processed and have a lot of calories for their weight.
e) you are not busy enough and haven't addressed boredom or other lifestyle factors
f)your sleep patterns are out and contributing to this problem and you are not getting enough daylight.
g) you are under stress or pressure.
h) you are going too long without food and getting hungry between meals.

Start keeping a food diary somewhere. show us what you are doing and we can help you tweak it.
do it here for a little while if you want.
Hi everyone thank you so much for your posts and advice. I just checked this since I posted it, and just ready everything. I went on a binge this whole weekend. I ate everything in sight. Now I weighed myself and I am 285. The most I have ever weighed in my whole life. Last year I weighed 260 and managed to get down to 235. I thought this would be a good post to respond to to give y'all an idea of what I go through and how I eat. Here is an example of what I ate they day before I had a binge:

Natural Protein Powder Shake w/organic milk-100 calories

Fiber One Bar-90 calories

Roasted Chicken- 2 Pieces of Barbecued Chicken-270 calories
Steamed Veggies
Small Portion of Mac N Cheese-150 calories
Wheat toast-110 calories

Afternoon Snack-
Fruit blueberries, strawberries, cantelope

I went jog before dinner and when I got back I had another Protein Shake and a few gummy bears

Just to give y'all an idea. Im puzzled because I do not know examples of a balanced diet or how to execute one. I live in New Orleans and their is great food everywhere at every event you go to. But this is no excuse because I binge on everything even fast food. I was so miserable last night. I could not sleep. I could not breathe. I feel like I still cannot. I am constantly under pressure at work. Eating is my release. It is my number one hobby. My wife, my life and my greatest love. ALl I ever had was food. Wow this is sad to say.
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