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Breaking a binge pattern can be very, VERY, difficult as we all know. It's nothing to be ashamed of though, so many of us deal with this problem, you're definitely not alone! Different things work for different people, but here is a suggestion that worked for me:

Today, your only goal is not to binge. You don't have to exercise, you don't have to be at some super low calorie level, you don't have to drink a gallon of water, or avoid salt, or pass on the diet soda, or give up caffeine or artificial sweeteners, or do all of the many other things we often are trying to accomplish when we try to get back on track.

Just ONE goal -- no binging. Plan your meals for the day and make them a nice satisfying amount of food that you actually like (though not food that you know are triggers!), don't try and over-restrict. If you have free time, do something you like to do during that time, something that feels fun to you -- watch a movie, read a new book, paint your toes, home spa treatments. Whatever you LIKE to do.

And just get through today. Put all your other "diet and healthy lifestyle" changes on hold and just focus on the one thing -- no binging. And when you make it through the day without a binge it is a BIG DEAL! Give yourself major kudos and feel proud, it is no easy thing to break the cycle!

And if works for you, do it all again the next day.

My experience has always been that if I could string a few binge-free days together, my whole outlook on things would be so much more positive. Everything else seemed so much more doable if only I could feel that I had gotten "control of myself". Binging drains the hope out of me, it is so hard to enact positive changes when feeling hopeless.

Don't give up, you can do it! Hope this helps in some small way!

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