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Kathleen - Oh gosh..I hope you don't have to take another medication also, BUT if your thyroid is the culprit, then how great would it be to get that under control and maybe it will stop messing with your hard work! And you need never apologize for not writing every few days, as your posts are so personal and caring

Fi - all sympathy for that wretched scale not reflecting a month of very low carb! I would be hoppin' mad...ugh. We are all rooting for you and maybe that dopey gain will whoosh away, and take a couple more pounds with it! And it is really kewl that one of your fellow artists was so taken with your Fish Faces that he took the time to animate it.

Ohio, I hope you can keep up with the homework, I admire you so much for being in school

Chelsea - so sorry you're feeling trapped and depressed. And oh boy how that can mess with our eating. Yes we can only hope our partners don't want to strangle us for our venting, lol. "Mind over mass"...that's good! we just have to try to overcome our negative self-images, somehow.

THANKyou for everyone's indignation at my recent work troubles...the 'hand-sy' customer came in yesterday, entered the deli work area as usual, and started to talk about what a great day of skiing it was..I approached him right away and quietly yet intently said..'what you did the other day was So out of NEVER put your hands on anyone again like that!' and he says...all shocked..'did I hurt you?' me - " is assault..if we were in a crowd I would have punched you'... He tries to look sincere and starts to apologize, I just stare at him, and do not accept the apology. I then interrupt and said "I'm working" and went back to my sandwich station.

So my awful boss says nothing about this, we just keep assembling sandwiches (it was super busy) and my hands were shaking..i was so angry that boss says nothing about this, so i let the eff bomb drop on him, and he starts throwing things around, it was not a happy time, lol.

He did follow the hand-sy customer outside and I do not know what was said. If my boss had ANY sense he would have told me that he addressed the situation , but if i had a million dollars, I would bet that my boss dissed me for being overreactive.

Today I have to ask boss what was said. Because I have a preliminary investigative questionnaire for the State's Attny' office all filled out and just have to hit 'send' .
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