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Good morning you to all. It is quite cool this morning, but looks like it is going to be a sunny day. It is supposed to be warming up to the 70's by the weekend for several days so capris and sandals here I come.

I get a double carrot dance today. My weigh in this morning and I am down 10 lbs for the week. No I did not starve myself and I kept on points and all. It is just I lose weight really fast when I am dieting and staying on track.

Going to work some more on cleaning house as I didn't get much done yesterday. I am better getting work done when I am alone so we may end up with a pig sty when Jack retires down the road and is home all the time.

I am having eggo blueberry waffles and jimmy dean chicken chorizo sausage for breakfast. I use higher points for breakfast as I find I stay less hungry that way than if I just have a piece of toast and fruit or something like that. I use the sugar free syrup.

Jean: That's what happens if I have too much fat in my diet all at once, but I had no choice. It was something like that or a candy bar and that comes out about the same with the same results. It didn't last and I am fine now. I am getting close to being below 300 lbs, which would be the first time in probably 30 years so am excited about that. I still have a bit to go, but maybe in the next couple months. It would be superb if I could get to 280 or so by the cruise and it is definitely doable at 2 lbs a week. BRRR you are still pretty cold. We are gradually warming up in the overnights, but it still dipped down to low 40's last night. I noticed tiny leaf buds on the trees though. Usually by this time for us our tree has a lot of leaves on it, but not this year. I did notice the dogwoods are in beautiful full bloom though so they must be pretty hardy.

Everyone have a great day. I am going to make myself some breakfast then get cracking. Faye
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