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S/C/G: 228/*ticker*/150

Height: 5'8


Why are the days post weekend SO hard? I'm hungry today.
Had a big meal out on Saturday so sunday wasn't a free day.
Weighing in tomorrow...maybe. I'm not sure. The scale will probably go up due to sodium if I weigh tomorrow.

pgray1229 & Larry H Good Work
NewKate2014 Right on!
Easily Amused Welcome to the group
Seemyfeet - You're almost in onederland!!!
BigChiefHoho I eat the same thing 5 days a week. I should change it up but it's working and my food choices are quite limited so until it doesn't work I'm sticking with it.

Breakfast - 2 small pieces of whole wheat toast with 1 tbsp peanut butter and black coffee
Lunch - Protein Bar
Dinner - Slow cooked chicken breast & cauliflower mash
Snack - Dark chocolate

This puts me at about 1100 cals.
I often throw a green smoothie in as well.

Restarted weight loss journey after reaching my highest weight ever - Nov 12 2013

- 10lbs - Dec 6 2013
-20lbs - Jan 15 2014
- 30lbs & Onederland- March 10 2014
- Overweight BMI- March 11 2014
short term goal - weigh 175lbs by June 2015

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