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Well, that's one way to crack a plateau - pig out for two weeks then get back on the horse. Managed to lose 5 lb since last Monday and I broke through the 152 I was stuck at. Long may it continue.

Funnily enough, I saw this article in the Daily Mail that suggested two weeks on and two weeks off is a better way to lose weight than dieting continuously.

Researcher Nuala Byrne followed the fortunes of 36 obese men as they tried to lose weight.

Half dieted continuously for 16 weeks, cutting their calories by a third. The others followed a pattern in which they dieted for a fortnight, then had two weeks off, then dieted again.

Although their programme lasted 30 weeks overall, just 16 weeks were spent dieting, the same as for the first group.

Those on the on-off diet lost more than two stone on average – 55 per cent more than the men who dieted non-stop, the International Congress on Obesity heard.

What is more, their extra weight loss couldn’t be explained away by their programme lasting longer, as they shed very little weight during the rest periods.

I think also you can't totally pig out - you'd have to be a little bit careful. The commenters poo-poo it, but I think it makes sense.

Phase 2

Week 1
Weight lost - 5 lb (17.4 in total)
Average daily calories: 1181
Average daily miles: 4.3
Overall goal

"Look at these people who run marathons. What makes them different to you?...
They have the same bones and muscles as you, the same sinews and organs...
you can do anything you want to, be anything you want to.
The only thing stopping you is you!

~ Money Can't Buy Me Love, by Julie Reilly

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