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Hi everyone

Cattails and Carma, I like quark. There's also one I buy Stratciatella, which is vanilla with chocolate chips, and I always keep this in the fridge because it's not too high in calories (about 150 in the pot) and it's like a dessert, plus it has good stuff like protein and calcium. I like yogurt, too, but this has a bit more protein and is a bit more... decadent? Due, I guess to being less sour...

Zumba, I'm sorry you're struggling and I second Cattails that many of Geneen Roth's books might be just what you need. It might be worth giving them a try. Helped get me out of the yo-yo and into a life.

Chubbymum and everyone else on the subject of (my) DH cooking: No. Just... No. Liters of oil and the food doesn't taste better Love him, but... No.

Lol on the length of Cattails' workout: at the beginning I was also a bit slow and when I emerged from the living room my husband said "wow, two hours, that's substantial!" I just looked at him and said, "So am I." at the time I was well over 250. I settled in and now it takes about 45 min.

Went running in the snow this morning (yuk!) but WENT EFFING RUNNING. PERIOD. Total win!

Stay warm and healthy, everyone, I'll see you tomorrow after weigh-in.

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