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S/C/G: 80.2kg/66kg/60kg x2.2 for lb

Height: 165cm/5' 4.5"


Dolly, I think a chicken sandwich and a glass of milk is nothing to be upset about. I think its a great solution to hunger when you haven't got food about.

brneyes, Dolly is only just starting how can she answer your question. Personally its not an approach i would take. Its expensive, you have to survive on 1000 calories a day which is very stressful for the body and is difficult if you are not highly motivated. Most of the bought food from what i gather reading posts around here is not very good tasting. I can't see how you can learn to eat well and healthily on this diet. But there are a few people doing it. My bet is they are a minority.

There are much easier ways to lose weight in my opinion.

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