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hhm, I meant to commit, or I may have, idk … you look great Keep up the great work Sugar and carbs have been my downfall this go around also. And nothing is sweet enough McFlurry? = all of that delicious cream

JenteIsving, the only thing I know to do with red cabbage is to put it in a salad and I usually pick it out of a bag salad I'm in the same situation with you regarding the up and down, up and down Good job on getting up early to workout I couldn't do it if I tried. I lay in the bed until the last minute . TOM came to visit here also, so not good. Not sure if that was my true reason for poor eating some days or not on 163 I long to see that number I'm very happy for you

thirti4thirty good job on the 166 and good job on all of the walking Thanks for thinking of me … I've been getting in late, reading some but too tired to post I'm hoping to post everyday these last days of March. I need the accountability and I MUST get under 165.6 in order to show any loss for March. Today I weighed in at 167.2 the same as the day before yesterday, smh. Just back and forth same crazy number

LiannaKole, nice weigh in hope your neck is feeling better, definitely sit tight for a while Lianna, that is how I use to lose. It was drop when I did right and then I'd stay at that weight for a moment then it would drop again . I miss that

Syckgirlsvf, LOL on the scale not doing what you want I'm 47 (48 on 4/14) and the scale definitely doesn't move like it use to 4 years ago. It gets harder and harder You have a ton on your plate so be proud of whatever you do. I YOU Celebrate you deserve it 164 has been my low for this month also. Everytime I see it, it's like my body says NOPE you can't go any lower and just like you … I bounce back up. WE WILL DO THIS

tadaponce, I say go ahead and weigh in. You know that it's water weight and when you see that number drop at the next way in you will know that you have regained the control that you know is and has been there. We have our times. I surely do and I have no idea on earth why I eat like I do sometimes. I have even had a great breakfast and lunch and then ruin the entire day with dinner. Who does that? I DO!!!! but I still have hope that I will reach 160-159 by my birthday. I have no idea how but one has got to have hope. WE CAN DO THIS

it is what it is for me … weight 167.2 tomorrow will probably be worse because I wanted bread and caved in. So tomorrow's eating and the remainder of the week will be OP and I will weigh in better (lower than 167.2) on 3/31
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