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So before I broke my scale, my last known weight was 154. I am hoping for a nice surprise when I finally get a new scale!

Today was reeeally tough. I kept wanting to eat. I notice I immediately want to stuff my face after a few minor arguments with family. Stress, in particularly conflict, sadness or loneliness, really makes me want to eat for NO reason! Not to mention, I was really hungry the first part of the day. I ate a turkey BLT and then an egg and cheese sandwich as an early lunch.

I continued snacking on a couple ounces of chocolate and some pretzels and takis. Not more than a serving of those, I don't think. I also ate 2 pieces of cinnamon raisin toast. For dinner, I had tilapia with butter and apple sauce and a piece of raisin toast. I don't think what I ate was that bad, but I came really close to just eating a bunch. I kept having the urge to eat! Even now, I feel kind of hungry-ish. I think the only reason I have avoided over doing it today was because I don't really want snack food so much as some giant portion of some kind of comfort food, like some meat and potatoes type of food or something, or chicken and rice, or really anything besides bloody eggs and turkey bacon!
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