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Diana: So sorry you have to go thru the loss of your friend. It must be difficult to watch. What can anyone of us say? No words ever seem adequate to me.

Today, I realized that big spread I had planned for myself was just more of the same behavior that got me sick in the first place. I was going to reward my hard work with a big giant buffet style brunch and pork up the dogs too. I was giddy when I got up and felt like I had a big treat waiting for me inside my fridge. GASP! Its the ugly truth.

So when I realized what I was doing, I stopped and really thought about it. I still wanted some kind of reward for my hard work all week. I went looking on the internet for what others do for non-food rewards. There was a lot of spending money (wrong...same troublesome behavior for me), baths and more exercise. Taking a bath is not a reward for me. I do it every day. LOL! I don't really like when others touch me- pedicures, facials, massages. Too much touching by doctors I think. Feels invasive.

So, I ate my regular breakfast and took the dogs out to the dog yard to play as long as they wanted. It was so cold they didn't even want to play, just potty and come back in the house. I couldn't believe it! Took all of 15minutes. That is a first really.

So after the failed play date, I realized I did not have a full length mirror in my house. All my mirrors only go to the neck or boobs. LOL, On purpose!

So went and I got two mirrors for my hallway closet doors so I could 'watch' my progress. Now, every time I go to the rest room, I can see how jiggle my rear end is. Reward? I don't know but an eye opener for sure. It seemed like a good idea at the time. LOL! Ate on plan for the rest of the day. Dr's in the AM so no food for 12 hours. No formal exercise today.

Good night everyone!

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