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Finding Myself Again <3
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Confession time....I have been binging for the past few days. I think I have averaged 3500+ calories each day. I don't know why I have gone out it my way to eat so poorly this weekend but it's gotten out of control. Gonna pass on weighing in tomorrow...instead my plan of attack will be to get back on the horse tomorrow...get back on plan and exercise daily. I plan on my next weigh in to be April 1st and my goal will be a 165 weigh in. I'm sure over the past couple days I have gained about 2lb of actual weight gain...just gonna focus on getting back on track. I hate skipping a weigh in but I know that I'm going to see an inaccurate number due to a bunch of water retention (I can tell cuz my wedding ring is tight..and wasn't before) feel bloated and blahhhhh. Oooo why do we do this to ourselves. :-/ I haven't had this happen since Christmas time and it just sucks. Need more self control!

Good luck this week ladies!! Keep up the great work!!
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