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We just got home from church and lunch with dd to transfer the children. It was fun having them here. I hope to get back to normal on my diet, but it sure wasn't this lunch. Started out well...ordered some sliders (there were 4 but I expected to share), and a small garden salad. But then got tempted by the spring rolls so ordered them too (to share but no one else ate them). Brought home 2 of the sliders (dh ate one) and most of the spring rolls so will likely have them tonight. So the diet restarts tomorrow I guess.. At least so far I haven't weight is stable, but still two pounds above my sig weight.

I wore one of my new tops this morning...sure like it. It has a cowl neckline so is a little different as it's the only one like that I have right now. It is white, beige and black print and I wore it with black pants and a black jacket but it is so warm today the jacket soon came off.

I finished a book called Coverboys. It's a mystery but I wasn't crazy about it.
Couldn't relate to the characters much. Still reading Angel of Death by Jack Higgins, it's not really interesting either to me either. I think a man might like it more. I prefer more personal mysteries where I get to know and understand the characters. We watched the first episode of House of Cards (Season 1). The politics and main character was interesting to me but otherwise not so much for us. I guess because I know it is TV I don't care for the language and glimpses of nudity. We have so few channels and are a bit sheltered that way with our TV. I am a little more tolerant with movies I think, because I think of them as one-time viewing, but the TV shows are ongoing. At least I tend to rationalize it that way I guess. I hope to get some time tonight to watch Downton Abbey. I really enjoy it and it is my own secret pleasure as don't think dh wouldn't care for it. Too much conversation.

Our son is here and he and dh are working on his pickup. It's a beautiful day.
Think I'm going to take a nap soon.

Lynn - Hoping for things to work out for the best for your niece and her family. It's not easy...all we can do is love them all...and be there for them if they need us. Glad you had a nice time with family.

Donna - Interesting article. A few years back I heard a doctor (not sure if same one) talk about how particularly with women it was the inflammation that caused the problems, so this is more on that.

Lucinda - Glad the walk is getting easier! I admire you for doing it. I walk one mile most days I go to the gym but this week I only got there once.

Bobbi - If you only want your Kindle for reading and esp if you like to read in bed, in the dark or in sunshine, I think the White Paper Kindle would be ideal. The Kindle Fire like an iPad would probably have glare in sunshine. The Kindle Fire can do more (similar and cheaper but not as great as the iPad), and it is faster than the White Paper. The told me at Best Buy that the White Paper refreshes itself now and then (not sure if it's every page or not?). My iPad Kindle app does that and it's annoying to me. They said the Kindle Fire doesn't do it. But if I were buying something just for reading, I still would probably buy the White Paper because I don't need anything more since I already have the iPad. So that's my pros and cons.

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