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Like kaplods said, it doesn't work for muscular and not muscular people. It also doesn't work for too tall or too short people. So, basically, it's for average people just like kaplods said.

I used to think that 152 tops wasn't for me. I thought I'd be too thin and that it would be difficult to maintain. But now I'm here and I can definitely stand to lose more. I've chosen 130 as a goal for a completely ridiculous reason: years ago I saw in a Dior ad that 130 is the ideal weight for my height. I was a kid then and I decided that I'd get there some day. But I like to have a number to aim for. So, I'm going for 130, but I could stop before I get there or I may get there and then keep going. I have no idea.

I haven't weighed this low since elementary, so I don't know what I'll look like 20 pounds from now. I have a friend who used to weigh 160 pounds, she gained 53 pounds and she wanted to get back to 160. She did and now she wants to keep losing because she has more fat now, so she's bigger than she was.

So, I believe that you can't really know what you're aiming for. Just keep losing and stop when you think that you look good and that you will be able to maintain your weight.
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