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off and on since last fall....seriousness left me in early November and I've been non committed since. I've acted like I wanted to get back into the game and kept weights here and there but then was embarrassed and ashamed so I deleted them. I know I bounced between 175 and 185. I'm getting tired of the game
I continue to learn things about dieting.

RESTING METABOLIC RATE (RMR) accounts for the larg-
est component (60-75%) of total daily energy expendi-
ture (13) and therefore plays a significant role in the regu-
lation of energy balance.

be careful reducing your food calorie input below your RMR.

My RMR is 1500 cals according to a Web calculator.
I am currently losing 2.4 lbs/wk (3500 cals/lb of fat, assuming I'm not losing muscle mass) but over the longer term I am losing 1 lb/wk so in principle I can stay on this regime.

Post whatever days/weight data you have; I might be able to pull some conclusions out of it using Excel's data reduction functions.

I'm tired too.
Our bodies are like food-fueled machines and they obey the laws of physics. Those laws will not change despite our wishes.

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