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Lots of good feedback here. To address it all at once... I have been in therapy which has opened me up to a lot of life issues I have been shoving down with food for a decade. This has led many positive changes in my life. As for the eating plan...I am done with diets. I try to employ IE as much as I can without being the perfectionistic IE police. As far as sugar goes, I cut out sugar when I was bodybuilding and I did not crave sugar at all. Some of it might have been the fact that I was seeing such great results in terms of weight loss and I was obsessed with the precision of my method. However, the backlash of this was HORRIBLE and though I appreciated not having cravings during the diet I don't think abstinence is realistic for me and I fear that the binge monster would return with a vengeance.

It is just weird because two years ago I was very "calories-in and calories-out" but following this experience I realized it is detrimental to my relationship with food.

I just want peace with food. My mom eats when she is hungry, stops when full, doesn't restrict, and rarely overeats. Comparing yourself to other people doesn't help but I do desire to have a healthy relationship with food.
Thank you guys.
Being on these boards helps because I know that I am not alone. I mean who sits around the lunch table at work and talks about their crazy a** binges.

Disclaimer: I do not condone diet + exercise for other people as everyone is different. Do what works for you.
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