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I was 30 lbs overweight before the loss of my daughter. After her death I gained a lot and am now 100 lbs overweight. It is very hard to be motivated or even care when many days I just wish I could die too. I am not suicidal but some days getting up and going on without her just feels wrong. I am trying to lose now mostly for my son but for my marriage as well. I think it would be easier if I could do it for me but I don't really care much for me anymore. I still blame me for her death. I allowed her to go out the night she died. My husband didn't want her going and she convinced me it was safe. I believed her when she said there would be no drinking and I thought she knew better to let someone who was drive her home. So I am entirely to blame. I can relate to your post because the weight just piled on so quickly after she died.
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