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I lost some of the previous week's bloat gain; tomorrow will show how much.

I have been sick with an ear infection; I finally saw an ENT and he said I have a chronic infection and the prolly has been infected 6 months already. I really felt malaise all month of March. I did not get my exercise in. So I am going to be kind and forgiving to myself

My ear is feeling better and I feel 70% healed. A few more days and I'll be back to 100%

On a good note; I have been maintaining my weight. I really haven't gained. I have stayed around 140-144 pound range for 6 weeks now. Yay me. And that is without exercise, just diet alone. There is hope

So now that my ear problem has been solved and I am back to normal, I should be able to resume my workouts and subsequent weight loss. I can not lose weight with diet alone, I have concluded.

And that 128 pounds by June is still within my reach

I hope everyone is well and successful!
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