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Good morning,

Things are going great here. I will be finished 10 days on plan Monday night and will weigh myself Tuesday. Then I will start another 10 days. Super excited about how things are going for me.

Credits today-- so far so good:

planning food for the day
eating a healthy breakfast and recording it
doing arm/shoulder exercises
checking in with my coaches
reading response and advantage cards
listening to motivation tape

ladym0208-so wonderful to hear about Africa. Nice list of credits yesterday.

BillBlueEyes- loved your exploration of the marital dynamics in navigating chocolate bark. Very funny.

GosfordGirl-I am finding calorie counting working well for me instead of my usual approach of deciding never, ever, ever to eat anything on a huge list of food that is higher calories again. I always mess up with that approach. Now I am trying to practice what I read in The Diet Fix- be very aware of how many calories that have been consumed for the day and use the "is it worth it?" test if looking at something that will bring calories over my daily goal. Sometimes it is going to be worth it. Maybe it is more reasonable to know that some days are going to be higher calorie and accept that is not "failing the diet". Nice list of credits yesterday and yay for 1.4 pounds down!

nationalparker- sorry for your lousy day and for sure chicken salad will definitely not ruin your efforts.

shcirerf- nice to meet you. Always love to hear the wisdom of maintainers.

onebyone- thanks for the link- going to listen today.

maryann- credit for posting, stopping eating and moving on.

AZtricia- best of luck at the picnic. We are sitting at -20 C this morning so hard to imagine where you are. Enjoy!

6crowsgold- nice to feel less sluggish- I am getting there too.

gardenerjoy- glad you are feeling better.

Lexxiss- waving hello. Sounds like you are in spring mode with activities. Can't wait for that. Wonderful news about the baby.

flnu- wow for down 3.5 pounds. Fantastic. I agree it is wonderful to be here and be reminded that some people do do it.

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