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Originally Posted by kaybee1 View Post
I also find it disheartening that my first mini goal is the weight I had when I FIRST felt disgusted and that I had to do something about it. Like, at 204 I woke up and said "WOW, to the gym!" but that faded, a couple years went by, and then this past summer I let myself slide even further and ate whatever my 6ft 230lb boyfriend ate... What happens when you eat what a 230lb person eats? You end up being 230lbs...

And the sad part, is i NEVER eat that crap at my own house!! no trips to bulk barn, now sumo-sized pasta portions, no "boxed food". In fact, I LOVE cooking and vegetables are among my favourite things to eat - how does this happen?

Ugh, i went off on a bit of a tangent there, but i'm just feeling frustrated.
Are you my long lost twin? I relate to this so much, right down to the exact weight... it was especially difficult when I moved in with my boyfriend. The weight gain was astronomical. Thankfully, soon after I had my own epiphany about getting healthy, so did he, which is frustrating in itself because he has lost weight so much quicker!

I know it can be hard to see the weight loss. Measuring, taking pictures, and watching the scale all help. I also like to keep a pair of too small jeans in my closet that I try on weekly. When they finally fit, it is an awesome day!

Celebrate the little wins even if you can't see a physical change. It'll be worth it!
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