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... I know now it is cause I can't have sugar just like a person who can't ever have another drink or cig. I know I can't have sugar.

I did it for 4 months felt wonderful. then X-mas and am having a hard time getting back to it.

I'm just gonna do it.
I don't know if i've said this to your before MAM, but this is me to a T also.

I quite sugar for about six months if i recall the first time i did it. and that was a few years ago. Its taken me a long time to be able to make another serious attempt at it.

I know it won't be quite so long for you and i certainly hope not. But i am more sure than last time that i've got to make this a lifelong thing.

Yes xmas is going to be hard but its a long time away. I am thinking about it now and wondering how to deal with it. The other night i thought if i make a great deal of yummy food that is not sweet, i could be fine. yes i will put on a bit of weight but if i can keep those sweet things out of the way it would be easier. I know my dad always ikea his fruit mince pies and if other family is here, there will be more sweets about but i also just think about xmas cake and pudding and so on. And the shops…

But anyway i'm thinking about my duck cooked a la Francais and other special treats that i wouldn't eat at any other time of year.

And i have a couple of our clauses (exceptions when i think might be able to eat some sweets and get away with it) but i am not super confident so i'm putting off the moment until i think it might be worth taking the risk but when i say that, I am sure there is no dessert that's really worth it.

Anyway that may not help you.

Mam, if you don't mind me asking, what sort of diet are you trying to follow now? I know it was really hard getting to this point, but ever since, i got to the point of deciding to start a new diet without sugar, at the beginning of January, i haven't looked back. As you've done it before, you will find it easier the next time if my experience is anything to go by. I am finding it easier and better because i have improved the nature of what i am eating. I suppose the main difference now is more protein but that's only a recent change. Oh, and includes nuts, cheese and seeds which i've been doing from the beginning. So that means more fats than last time.
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