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Default Saturday

Hi Coaches,

I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday. Yesterday was a good day for me, I spent it exploring Kigali and getting used to the transport system here. I never (ever) thought I would but I am really enjoying eating salads at the moment, as the diet here is quite carb heavy, having salad is a real luxury so I make sure to take the chance every time its available.

My credits for yesterday
- Completing my Insanity fit test and seeing further improvements
- I planned to have a pastry after dinner, this can sometimes be risky but I was happily satisfied with just the one and had no desire to get more food
- Getting off the bus a few stops early, which turned out to be a 20 min walk

BillBlueEyes Well done for resisting, good idea for saving the choc for your planned snack
GosfordGirl Well done for sticking with your to do list and for being OP
CeeJay Well done for another OP day
nationalparker One day shouldn't ruin your efforts it's consistency that matters most
AZtricia Well done for being OP when busy, Good luck with the picnic..seen as you are bringing a main dish maybe bring something that will keep you OP and stick with that when you are there. If there is salad then maybe top up with that & try to get away from the food by being involved with any games/ activities that are going on

Have a lovely Sunday all xx
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