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Good morning ladies. It is cool but nice and sunny this morning. Jack just went to Target to get a new cable for my Ipad as I messed up the one I have. I told him to buy two so we have a spare.

I am trying to get the downstairs cleaned today, but it may be a process. I had a hypoglycemia moment at the grocery store yesterday and so bought the first sugared thing I could find, which was those donut gems from Hostess. I was standing at the checkout stuffing them into my mouth like I hadn't eaten in a month. I keep my meals at below 19 fat grams per meal and just this package was 23 so later in the day I had some problems with my colon and all evening so I felt kind of crummy this morning, but I am better now except for still having a bit of a sore back, which happens when my colon acts up. I vacuumed the carpet and will start on more cleaning when I am done here and just take it a little at a time until it is all done today.

I made a reservation for next Sunday for brunch at Owen Brennan's to take Thomas and his parents out to celebrate his getting into the AP high school, but haven't heard back from them to confirm yet. So, if I don't hear by tomorrow I will call them and ask them what's up so I can tell Kelly for sure.

I got my purple jewelry from the gal on Ebay and it will be great. I paid half for both sets what I paid for the other one and they look even cuter I think. I put them against my wrap and the colors blend nicely and that is all I care about.

Jack has a dr apt for his ribs on Monday, Tuesday a rehab session and Wednesday I have a dr apt so it will drs, drs, drs this week I guess. I just have to get refills on my diabetic drugs and get them to send them to Express Scripts so they are cheaper for me.

Jean: Hope your washer costs won't be too much, but just to come out they usually charge you a $100! When we start doing the remodel, the computer is going to go in front of the window in the kitchen to give us more room in the living room. Our living room is a nightmare the way they built it. I am getting rid of the computer desk and get just a regular desk and a small file cabinet.

Well gals, tomorrow is weigh day for me and looks like I am going to be doing ok again. Have a great Sunday. Faye
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