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Good Morning! The sun is shining, NO wind . . . . yet, and it's 8 degrees outside! We are getting a slow start this morning. The coffee pot is perking and Bob is in the shower. Inside and outside cats have been fed; nothing in the live trap this morning. My washer is on the fritz and spins off balance with sheets in it. It sits up on a cement pad and I can't get it back up by myself. I will have to call the repairman tomorrow, and think I can see $$ signs in the future.

"Gma" -- I'm glad Jack is a happy camper with new shoes. I've heard others mention finding how to do things on YouTube. Thanks for the reminder. Bob again mentioned bringing his toy tractor collection home and that he will need a desk of his own for his computer and "stuff." In the next sentence he asked what WE can get rid of to make room. His office desk is way too big and where I have my pc isn't all that big soooooooo ! Makes me think of all of my unfinished projects stashed away! I have got to sort and pitch some more? Yay for the new jeans fit!

I need to get dressed and have coffee. Hope you all enjoy a nice day!
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