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I binge but i don't hate myself when i lose weight. If i lose weight, its because i am not binging.

I am trying to make this diet my last one, or at least make this diet last as long as i can before another rebound.

So have you ever tried any sort of therapy? Would you consider looking into the Beck diet solution which is based on Cognitive behaviour therapy.

There's also mindfulness and food. Books written on it but mindfulness as a practice takes in much much more than just one's relationship to food. But in recognition of the fact that many people have a problem with food, there have been books focusing down the practice to dealing with this problem.

For myself, to deal with binging, i have done a lot of personal growth work. And now as part of this diet, i avoid hunger and i minimise stress, pressure, and low mood.

I recently had a three week period of difficulties, might have been a bit longer and the problems have not exactly evaporated but i am now dealing with them and they are under control. But i managed my episode of stress and pressure by a) finding appropriate people to talk to deal with my real life problems, (currently my diet is not a problem), i took action to address the problems and with regard to my diet, i stuck to my eating plan but didn't worry if i didn't lose weight. The goal was just to stay eating according to my own diet rules which includes no refined sugars.

When i go off the wagon, i also regain weight very very quickly. I seem to just eat ice-cream, sweets and cakes and chocolate. I don't bother with much else most of the time. Its seems like within 2 months I'm as fat as i was or worse but i guess its actually a bit more than that but it is very quick nevertheless and then it takes ages to get it together to make another attempt to lose weight.

But anyway i am still feeling optimistic and confident that i can prevail because i am doing a few things differently this time and i have learnt more about nutrition and weightloss than the last time. Each time i go on a diet, i learn more and refine my process more. This time i'm doing it more slowly - that's another new thing i'm doing.
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