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BAD day yesterday
Was I glad to go to bed last night! What a day, I was tempted by the 'munchie goblins' all day and had a longing for something sweet. I ate a couple of apples, cleaned my teeth, drank loads of water and consequently was up piddling half the night. At 11pm I had a toffee... no big deal. Look at the size of me, then look at a little toffee.
Today is a new day, yesterday is in the past. At least I didn't give in and end up face down in a box of doughnuts.
My husband treated me to a new summer skirt yesterday. It is a little 'snug' and, as he said, try it on every week, and as I see it get looser, it will give me encouragement.
Off to have my breakfast shake now. Tail up and wagging
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