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Originally Posted by MissCandice View Post
LuvMyMr - I am so glad you posted not only the first post that you did but also this follow up post.

I'm not a big cook either. I've managed to be able to figure out how to cook chicken thighs in the oven using olive oil, salt, pepper, and a seasoning mix as well as steak on the stove top using butter, salt, and pepper. THATS IT. seriously. anything more complicated than that and I'm burning stuff or i mess up the spices or whatever. Plus I am a working professional and also go to school so I don't have time or desire to cook, to be honest!!

Your post really made me see the light. Seriously, thank you so much. I was really beating myself up because I kept thinking "I should only be eating whole natural foods" but honestly I ain't got time for that SH**!!!! I figure a lean cuisine and an apple or some berries in the summer has got to be better than JACK IN THE BOX!!! haha!
My goodness you sound like my long lost twin. I don't cook! I just never had it in me. My mom does and hubby does but I just never got it down. I have been doing the frozen food route because otherwise I just did not know what to eat. I have tried to do the chicken thighs too. I would be eating them literally every single night! I do Healthy choice but almost always the Smart Ones. From an 18 to a 12 eating frozen dinners. WOW!!! I was trying to get to only a 14, just to get out of a 16 which I had been for years. Just tonight, right now, I have a pile of 16 clothes I am throwing out. You are welcome. I just wanted people to know that you don't have to do Nutrisystem or other plans if they are out of your budget. There are specials all of the time on frozen dinners or go to Walmart and Target. I just add my own fruit and vegetables with it and drink water. Yes it beats the Big mac meal I was eating or the whopper and onion rings. I was in my size 20s dress size then. I am a large. I have not been that size since my very early 20s, 22 actually, and I am 40 next month. It feels incredible!!!!
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