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Oh well i'm glad it wasn't to me then. But Geo, its not true that our bodies are made to avoid grains. Scientists have evidence that early man ate grains. We wouldn't have become grain eaters if we could not obtain nutrients from them.

Secondly paleo man did not live very long either remember, so we don't have evidence that they would have lived long healthy lives and did not suffer diseases like cancer and heart disease, if they overate according to the paleo diet. Paleo man did not over eat because there was a never much of a food surplus. Paleo man was very slim. Of course we know that paleo man didn't die because of his paleo diet. They died in childbirth, of parasites from some meat, and infections mostly, as well as untreated congenital defects and diseases. Of course some would have died from starvation too when food was scarce. And some would have died form injuries on hunts and fights.

Lets take dogs as an example. We think of dogs as meat eaters. Dogs prefer meat but they also can survive on other types of food and in fact most processed dog food is not pure meat. In india, most stray dogs don't get any meat to eat - and there are a lot of stray dogs in the cities. They survive on the food that public gives them which is everything humans eat which over there is not often meat in many parts.

But here in the west are many overweight dogs because dogs will eat everything that anyone will give them. Their appetite never seems to be satisfied (Just like a lot of us). And some owners feed their dogs too much food. That's why there are fat dogs.

Our bodies seem to have evolved to survive low calorie diets and that's why we don't do well when we overeat. Humans are not actually well adapted to the world we live in. We are not well adapted to wealth where we can live sedentary lives and eat a lot. But these sedentary and wealthy lives are a recent addition to life on the planet. Our bodies cannot compensate effectively. So we get overweight. We are trying to deal with it by using intelligence to learn more about these things so we can take effective measures. INtelligence on its own is not enough either. Unfortunately, we have not come up with a magic pill. All weight loss efforts require a degree of effort.

I do find what i'm doing quite easy but that's not to say there is no effort involved.

When you get your weight down to the healthy weight range, i think you will find you will have to apply effort as well. It may be quite easy now for you but it won't always be this way.

Maintain its not grains that are the problem. For people who suffer from the insulin spikes, just quitting refined sugar alone will stop that problem and make the weight loss easier. The binge tendency will still be there but not as a regular part of the day. For someone on a well balanced diet who is not triggered by sweets, It will mainly only be with emotional upsets that one would be at risk of a binge. And that's because of how our brain chemistry works in response to these sorts of stimuli. i.e. it causes seratonin falls. FAlls in seratonin, according to the article i keep referring to, causes us to go for carbs.

This is why i keep saying manage your moods.

But look we all think its fine if you want to do what you are doing for yourself. And you are happy with it. We just don't think your arguments are convincing. We don't think your approach offers the best solution.

And we haven't even got onto the environmental aspects of the issue. This planet could not sustain the current population if we all avoided grains. As it is, many of us think we are heading to a major crisis.

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