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Healthy Lifestyle Changes
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Happy Saturday Coaches.

My left side is feeling toasted from walking around the street fair with dh. On the other side we were able to mostly walk in the shade! Today has been busy, but OP. After smelling all the BBQ at the fair, we made some at home for dinner. Went to the market and obtained food that will last most of the week.

Tomorrow is a picnic that I can't skip as I'm helping host with the other board members. The food is pot luck and I need a plan! This will be the first time since Christmas I've been around such quantities and varieties of food, and I did not do well resisting then! I have to bring a main dish and I need to get baking. Also we have the 2nd (of 9 wks) of the seminar in the morning and have to be out early.

flnu Thanks for the shoulder credit. I don't always do well giving credit - great reminder!

Lexxiss/ Debbie Congrats on the new lil' guy! Kudos for raking exercise

maryann Great new verbs Kudos for logging.

Don't be too hard on yourself. A donut box sitting out when you are under so much stress is bound to have pull. I don't think your commitment is missing, your resistance muscle is just weaker than you need. Next time, read your ARC's and stick the box in a cabinet, or better yet the freezer. LOL about the wood working sounds Hope the jeans are a great motivation for you. Did you make an ARC for them?

CeeJay Hurray for 7 OP days!

ladym0208 Awesome that you were OP during your busy days!

GosfordGirl/Cheryl I'm proof positive that pizza does not have to be a disaster. We have it every week! If you want it, plan for it, and work your other meals around pizza for the day. I am trying to make sure all the changes I make are lifelong. I am SO NOT eliminating pizza for the rest of my life. I know you feel bad, but please forgive yourself and keep on keeping on!

BillBlueEyes Loved reading about your leftovers becoming lunch - great choice!

gardenerjoy So glad you are feeling better!

6crowsgold A pound a week is AWESOME! Don't be discouraged by one off weigh in.
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