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I've been using coconut oil and grassfed butter in my coffee. I think it has helped me with my weightloss... it replaced the creamers I was using in my coffee though. I used to think the creamers weren't a big enough impact on my diet, but maybe they were since they have the sugar and corn syrup in it.

Green Mountain has some nice organic coffees...some of them are single origin coffees (forgot the name, one I bought is an orange bag) that has become one of my favorites.

Think it's still up for debate on what humans are meant to be eating. I've also read the ideal diet for humans is the fruitarian diet, so it is possible to eat vegan/vegetarian and be healthy. I'm not 100% there (ie, I include the butter), but most of my diet now is close, cutting out grains and processed foods. I think vegetarians lost their healthy rep with all of the processed foods and Frankenfoods that came out.

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