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You started your plan this week and had a lot of good days, don't let that one binge throw you off track for weeks or years until you start again. Losing weight is about having more good days than bad, not being perfect. You are way ahead of where you started! Slip ups will happen, probably more often than you want, but getting back on track immediately will determine the outcome. Forgive yourself (if I slip up, I say, "well that was fun and now I won't be craving that for a while, time to get back on track"). One off day or meal isn't going to do damage like weeks off plan will do!

Also, there is is nothing wrong with loving food! You should work with your love of food instead of against it. You definitely don't have to give up food at all. I love food a lot more now than I ever did at my highest weight, and ironically I spend a lot more time in the kitchen. By taking time to prepare healthy meals, like an omelet for breakfast, I'm a lot more satisfied for longer vs. grabbing a pop-tart from the cabinet. I don't think it's 100% even about how eggs have protein and are the healthier choice, but about how taking the time to prepare it, season it, throw some fruit on the side, etc... makes it more satisfying all around.

Make sure your plan is a plan you enjoy. There is a good chance you can find a recipe for any food you love that will fit into your new way of eating whether it's gluten free, sugar free, low-carb, or portion controlled lower calorie options. And if you are limited on time, there are quick healthy meals to throw together like crockpot meals. It will take a lot trial and error to find the plan you like doing, and even as you lose, you'll probably still want to change things up. Forcing yourself to do a plan that makes you feel deprived, tired, like you're giving up food, etc... isn't a good idea if you want it to stick forever.
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