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Originally Posted by MarylandMom View Post
Thank you Lisa for all your great advice! I have been addicted to reading all the threads on alternative products, trying to get ready to start this new way of eating! Here are a few more questions I have though.

1. I understand that some bars are "restricted" and some are not. In the first 2-3 weeks, is it true that we are not to consume any restricted products? Are there any bars in particular that you guys like that are non-restricted and can be consumed from Day 1 on the plan?
I've always counted them all as restricted. Some people fudge the numbers a little more than I do.

2. Things like the Protidiet chicken noodle soup and tomato soups can be eaten at lunch time to replace a protein packet, correct?
Yup.. ProtiDiet and other brands ARE protein packets. They just aren't Ideal Protein brand.

3. Do you know if GNC or The Vitamin Shoppe have the high-quality Omega 3's that I have read about?
Unsure. Did you see the link I posted in the supplement thread? The best, highest quality omegas can be found from reading there

4. In regards to the supplements, I am going to be using all alternative products. Are the Centrum Multi-Vitamins for women ok to use? I noticed the phase 1 sheet says to take more than 1 a day. Is that just for the IP brand? Do you guys just take the recommended dosage on the alternative supplements that you buy? Do you take them at the same time of day as recommended on the IP Phase 1 sheet?
I use Centrum. I just use the one/day. I split it in half and take breakfast & lunch.
I get the 99 mg potassium and I buy a mag/cit because the multi has calcium
I take my supps at breakfast, lunch, and bed, depending on which ones they are

Thanks again for all your help!!!
No problem! It makes great sense to figure it all out & ask before you start. I read for 4-6 weeks before I started (with a coach for 10 months)
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