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Sabotage, darned sabotage for want to stronger language. I had a good week and what else is there to do? Continue doing well or make less-than-stellar choices? Made a large breakfast and planned to just have a snack before a late dinner after the show. Instead, I've had oh, 20 pistachios ...100 cal of cheese, my leftover mexican chicken/rice, um... a maple cream egg (don't even ASK but it's the best 110 calories I can think of ...) I can't remember what else but clearly not tracking it all today. FINALLY got my head on straight - after finding a bin of jeans from a few years ago that are about 15 pounds from fitting. Or a whole heckuva lot of walking/toning - and have made a cup of hot tea.

Looking forward to dressing up more and looking better in my clothes.

I'd wanted to go see two movies this weekend, somehow forgetting about the show! I'm looking forward to the Grand Budapest Hotel and Tim's Vermeer. Not sure if we'll splurge that much for first run tickets or wait for one to come to DVD.

DH has undertaken a big project to add more storage areas in our attic and has been working very hard for hours up there. I can hear the steady sawing and hammering. Woodworking jobs have better sounds than housecleaning. Sounds like you're working way harder.

So close ... now so far!
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