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Well, while some people do well with a big breakfast to start their day, it is up to you if you do well with it. Personally, I am not hungry in the morning, so I have a cup of almond milk at some point and leave it at that. For some reason, I am a morning person and am productive earlier in the day, even without breakfast.

If you truly enjoy a good, big breakfast, then by golly have it. As has already been mentioned, allocate the remaining calories as you see fit - there is no best way. You can bulk up the rest of your daily food line-up with vegetables, some fruit, and whole, unprocessed foods like hard boiled eggs or a few nuts (a few - they add up fast). Meat and fat are calorie dense, so add these judiciously. Once you've become familiar with a good and healthy hunger response between meals, better habits tend to fall into place and you won't feel restricted.

I think we've all heard that it's wise to start our day with a good (meaning big?) breakfast. Cereal companies want us to think that, I'll bet. I don't buy it.
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