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Hi all can I join in? I bought the book and did my first workout yesterday. The only thing I didn't do quite to spec was the seated lat cable exercise there was a huge crowd of beefy dudes all over those machines alternating so I used another lat pull machine for the time being. Oh and I used dumbells for the squats, too I should just ask the guys to help me.

I had been doing the weight machines for several weeks and I am not sore at all so I can definitely up the weights next time. And I have been doing Pilates which is a huge help for push-ups with the plank work and those jackknifes on the ball boy those are great.

I am pleased though! I think I can work through this. Anybody doing it at home? I have spent the winter in Florida but will be going back north in a few weeks and there I have quite a few weights including the ones my sons used in high school with the bar and I'd like to just do them there.
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