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Good afternoon everybody. It is beautiful and sunny and warm and lovely today. We headed out around 10:30 this morning to get Jack some new shoes. We went to Sports Authority and I think they just sell last year's styles because they were cheaper than what they are at the mall or at the New Balance store. We had a tough time finding his size as they were either way too big or way to wide. He finally found a pair on sale for $60, which is great as usually they are way over $100. He gave his oldest pair a nice burial though I told him the least he could do for a 10 year old pair of shoes was a casket (the shoe box the new shoes came in.) So, he has a new pair of shoes for vacation and the ones he was wearing he will use to wear back and forth to work. He has to wear special shoes with steel toes, electrical safety, etc so he just wears the shoes to work then changes them out for his works shoes. We then went to Krogers and the lady that works the self checkout was oohing and ahhing about my weight loss. She said she thinks I gave it all to her as she was carrying it all in her behind. She is this lovely older black lady that only works on Saturdays so we always visit if I go in there on Saturdays.

I bought some quaker oats rice cake snacks which are really very good. Usually they taste like Styrofoam but these are pretty good. I like the cheddar cheese and one serving is 18 of the little circles. I also bought some Jimmy Dean's chicken sausage in a couple flavors. I am anxious to try the Andouille flavor. I also bought some eggo waffles. I get tired of having the same thing for breakfast, but don't want a lot of the extra fat and such. I buy Caris sf syrup all the time and use it instead of sugar in oatmeal. I like it better than Splenda or Truvia because it has that little bit of maple flavor to it.

Jean: If you ever decide you really want lessons and don't want to pay for them or whatever, go to and watch the free videos she has for learning to cast on and knit, purl and lots of things. You can also google learning how to knit and there are tons of free videos online you can sit and use your Ipad and watch how to knit. When I don't know how to do a stitch or need a refresher it is what I always do. For one thing they are always backwards for me being left handed, but I can keep replaying them until I get it rather than just reading how to do something.

I got my two pair of jeans and since I lost weight I should have bought the next size down as these are too big in the waist, but I ordered a belt so I can wear them more comfortably. I wore a pair today and felt like the kids from the hood who wear their jeans down under their butt so they underwear hangs out.

I guess I better go check my laundry. You all have a great afternoon. Faye
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