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Originally Posted by LiannaKole View Post
I agree with the idea that maybe you should try portion contol - eat the food you love, just eat less of it. That works great for some people. For others, even a little bit of some foods will lead them to overeat. It takes some trial and (a lot) of error to figure out what works for you.
In my own personal experience, this has been what's worked for me to an extent. I am learning the beauty and importance in balance. Not just food, but all facets of life. Not visiting either extremes, but existing beautifully and peacefully in the middle. So with my food, I don't really restrict a particular food group / macronutrient (carbs, fat, protein). I balance them with each meal and I eat to the point of satisfaction....not fullness. One thing though that I HAVE given up and do not eat at all is junk food (chips, soda, processed cookies, cakes, etc). I gave it up because I believe I had a real addiction to it. Since giving it up, I have not craved it since and I enjoy the beauty in nutritious, well balanced food.

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