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Originally Posted by diamondgeog View Post
I like to think of wild animals as eating what they were intended to. Sure they get lots of exercise and food is scarcer so lots of variables. But wolves and big cats aren't eating grains. But we feed our pets grains and a lot have health problems.
DG, thank you for sharing your personal experience, but the diet of wild predators doesn't really have any implications for human diets.

That said, I also experience the most success with more satisfying foods when I carefully limit my starchy foods (and btw, despite what some people think, the problem with my starchy carbs is not the "goo" that I might hypothetically put on them, which I don't). I do listen to the experiences that other people share and I factor their experiences in when I think about my own WOE. This has led me to trying a lot of new things, and some of them have been very helpful. That is the main reason I tried limiting my starchy carbs in the first place.

To the OP: Don't give up hope! Many of us have "failed" many times; many of us have episodes of binging. But we don't truly fail unless we stop trying to find the approach that works for us.

Different people find success with different approaches. If one approach doesn't work well for you, try another. There's lots of experienced people on this site with calorie counting, Intermittent Fasting, Low Carb, Paleo, commercial programs (like Ideal Protein, Metabolic Research Center, Weight Watchers), and a variety of others. It may also be a personal combination of approaches, which is what I am using.

Good luck in finding an approach that works for you!
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