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Come on Spring!
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Good morning. Thought I'd better check in before I get kicked out!

I've not been on the scale since I had my tooth appointment. It did not go well as the offending tooth cracked as they were trying to remove it. however, my perio persevered and got it out. Then he did a bone graft, covered it with my gum and a membrane and that was "it". It has to heal completely before he does the implant and that'll be 4 months!

In the meantime, I am not to chew on that side until the stitches come out on April 2 and am on anti-biotics and pain killers. I don't feel that badly but am finding food a problem. There have been lots of soups and overcooked pasta but I did re-discover tapioca and made a pudding using Splenda. That was one of my childhood favourites and a comfort food!

A challenge tonight as I am going out to dinner at my friend Liz's house. They are serving BBQ salmon which will be challenge but I am hoping they will be serving buffet-style so I can take just a small amount and remember to chew with just one side of my mouth.

Sure has been a rough month. Aside from losing my darling dog, I have dealt with three funerals and will probably have another one before the end of the month. I definitely need real spring!
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