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For sure I was eating too many carbs. My body was classic 'carb belly' and I don't drink alcohol. AND I wasn't drinking any diet or regular soda, just water and tea. No fruit juices.

I don't calorie count or carb or protein count. Eating whole foods and cutting out grains, and upping saturated fat things are just easy and natural now. And I am strong and endurance is great.

I found an approach my body and mind loves, no hunger, no discipline needed. Just a WOE my body thrives on.

I've posted numerous times on the science behind low carb high fat. Everyone needs to research for themselves. My personal expirement of 1 was this. When I accepted the 'new' science as real and the last 50 years of advice as wrong, everything worked beyond my wildest expectations. Would that be the case for someone else? Don't know. It is working for my wife though just as well. So maybe raise the personal number to 2.

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