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wannabe, like everything else, its great in theory. I"ve tried eating well and eating what i want and not obsessing but it didn't work for me.

I was off the wagon within a short frame of time. I've always known how to eat healthy. I've always been more of a non-processed healthy no nonsense type of eater, except for the comfort eating thing and it turned into a sugar addiction and its just got worse over the years.

Trying to eat sugar in moderation is really really hard for some people.

I don't know if its the case with the OP but the only way i can eat sugar is if someone else moderates it for me. That's why i've quit sugar.

People don't tell others they have to quit sugar or anything. People just make suggestions and one can only then decide for themselves.

I would love to be able to eat sweets in moderation the IE way but my body is stronger than my mind.
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